Meet Me



Hello world! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while; well, here we go!

My name is Kevin and I was born in 1985. I see myself as a believer, a freethinker, a skeptic, a seeker. I’m another homeschool alumni from Evangelicalism/Fundamentalism coming out of the woodwork into the blogosphere. I maintain my Evangelical identification but am dissatisfied with a lot of Christian Culture(TM). Right now I’m working as an electrician but I would like to be a writer/translator. As can be inferred from this one of my hobbies is foreign languages.(At the moment I only speak English fluently but I can read online articles in French, know a little Spanish, and am currently working on German.) Other hobbies I have are reading, watching TV, listening to music, tweeting, general Web-surfing,  and now blogging. A few of my interests are religion/spirituality(from a variety of beliefs), foreign languages, foreign countries, history(from the dawn of humanity until present day, the whole world), psychology, MBTI(I’m INTP), and philosophy.

I read mostly nonfiction but two novelists I love are Hermann Hesse(I plan on doing a review of Siddhartha) and Elif Şafak. Subjects of the nonfiction books I’ve read lately include religion/spirituality, gender relations, psychology, memoirs, group conflict, etc.

Things I love: openmindedness, tolerance, peace, cosmopolitanism, equality, cooperation, liberty, human rights, justice, love, dialogue among people of differing viewpoints that’s informative, reason, critical thinking.

Things I do NOT like: closedmindedness, intolerance, dogmatism, hate, oppression, racism, patriarchy, xenophobia, general bigotry, war, political correctness.

If you have any questions about what I’ve said please leave a comment. I plan on doing posts based on what I’ve said but comments will affect the timing and subject matter of said posts.