Friday the 13th, Calendar Geekery, and Inspiration (Well, You Be the Judge!)

At the time of writing and posting this, we are coming upon Friday the 13th (13 April 2018, to be exact), a day considered unlucky according to superstition. (I personally do not believe in that, and would be more likely to have a party.) Anyway, superstitions vary across cultures. In Spain, Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky because martes, the Spanish word for Tuesday, is derived from Mars, the Roman god of war. Anyway, this year, we had a Tuesday 13th for two months in a row. This has not happened for 11 years, and it will be another 11 years before this happens again.

So, here is what I find inspiring. This little bit of calendar trivia has me thinking of where I was 11 years ago, where I am now, and what has happened in between. In 2007, I was alternating working between various odd jobs with people at chhrch. I had some dreams, such as travel the world, work for world peace, promote human rights, promote the right to an education (or even teach), and be a life coach. I knew, however, those were not the focus at church, and the church was pretty controlling. (I was hoping to move abroad and start pursuing these things.)

Then, I started working for a certain guy, and was paid less than minimum wage for years, and worked long hours. I was told that if I didn’t accept the job, my marriage and ministry would be postponed. Then, after Obama’s first election, the church got really into conspiracy theories (which became virtual articles of faith) and became more insular. (It became stronger over time.) In fact, some things I valued were labeled as ideas of the Illuminati. Over time, these dreams died, and I dismissed them as goofy ideas resulting from youthful ignorance.

However, a few years ago, after years of this, my friends started openly questioning dogma, which lead to our getting raises at minimum wage. I got a smartphone and social media. Over time, I remembered my former dreams, and realized how bad things were at church. After a few years, last year I left the church and got laid off from my job. I decided to go to college. (Actually, I had already decided to go to college, and was working towards it.) Now, I am doing well, thriving, figuring out goals, and even am in an honor society.

In short, eleven years ago, I would never have guessed that I would be talking on the internet about the bad things about my church and calling it “abuse”. And certainly I am much happier than I was five or six years ago, in which I hoped for more, despite the fact I saw nothing but day after day after day of the same thing. I will say that eleven years ago was much happier, and that the past year has been my best in 11 years, and I dare say the best (for my personal life) in my life. The intervening years were rough.

Now, the other thing I think about when it comes to the calendar’s not repeating itself for 11 years is where I want to be then. It makes a good benchmark for establishing long-term goals. Upon observing dates in which the calendar didn’t repeat for 11 years, I noticed that my life was always in a different spot in both spaces. So, this is an inspiration to think about where I would like to be in 2029. Life will likely be in a different place, so I wonder how I’ll feel about now, and how I will view the intervening time.

So, I can say the calendar geekery makes me happy as I look back and consider revived dreams and hope. While the intervening years were difficult, it is nice to see the dreams revived. As for the future, the goals inspire me, and help me to look forward with confidence.


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2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th, Calendar Geekery, and Inspiration (Well, You Be the Judge!)”

  1. Good you reconnected to your hopes & dreams mho! Detoxifying from an abuse situation leaves scars & scabs! You sound so good like you are picking yourself up, dusting yourself off & willing to start all over again. Only way I think!

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