The Assassin

John Davis aimed his rifle out the window, where there were protests against racism, xenophobia, sexism, and especially against a controversial immigration law. He had a banner proclaiming, “Allahu Akbar! Death to America!”, in order to blame Muslims for his attack, and start a war. He was about to pull the trigger when he heard a gun cock. “Federal Agent Rick Spencer; drop your rifle!”

John set his rifle down, then pulled out a handgun shouting, “Heil Hitler!” BANG! BANG! BANG! The men exchanged fire. A gun, followed by a body, dropped to the floor, the mouth spewing blood.

This is a post for Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, photo by Roger Bultot.


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Christian, freethinker, believer, skeptic, seeker.

12 thoughts on “The Assassin”

      1. I caught that, but the war is a consequence, though. There’s an anger deep within, caused by some past guilt, wound or rejection, that makes a person want to inflict pain, to destroy, or to start wars. People who feel okay with themselves and what they are don’t go around kicking dogs.


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