The Chase

Bob and Samantha knew the helicopter approaching the roof contained hostiles; thus they strapped on their bungees and jumped off the roof and ran towards Samantha’s car. Samantha moved her foot towards the accelerator when…THUD! A man leaped off the roof of the car. “Get in, Brett”, Sam said.

After Brett got in Sam floored the accelerator. BANG! BANG! Gunshots went off. They returned fire. “Samantha”, Brett said, “Your shoes look nice on you!”

She slammed on the brakes while spinning the car. A hostile approached the driver’s door, then BANG! The hostile dropped dead.

This is a post for Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, photo by C. E. Ayr.


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Christian, freethinker, believer, skeptic, seeker.

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