Election 2016: Why I plan to vote Gary Johnson 2016 #LiveFree (Guest Post by Melody Young)

Melody Young is a follower on Twitter, a conservative Christian, and an advocate for abuse victims. She blogs here and is the author of Faith and Fragments. She has given me permission to post her reasons for voting for Johnson; you can read it here. Now, here’s Melody:

So I am voting for Gary Johnson this year. Although I was registered Republican previously, I have decided I cannot in good conscience vote Republican, especially following their outrageous convention of bigotry and conspiracy nuttiness, and I have joined the Libertarian party (whose nuttiness is far more happy). I have more in common with their party platform than with the other parties. That is true speaking as a Christian also. 

My reasoning is simple: both candidates we are faced with do not have the integrity needed to be a leader of good character. Neither represent me nor share my values. I am a conservative politically, and a Christian who takes God’s Word very seriously. I don’t care what Christian leaders say if it conflicts with God’s Word. I see personal freedom and individual responsibility as important values for my life and walk with a God of love and justice. 

So to vote for an alleged multiple rapist or for an individual who allegedly intimidated victims of sexual misconduct and alleged rape, is inconsistent with my Christianity. The behavior I have seen in public of the one candidate is indeed defined as abusive (reviling). The other candidate is a far more covert narcissist, but does not apparently have the humility to step aside when it would be in her party’s interests to find a better candidate. 

Neither seem to care about their party as much as winning. Why would they care about the nation?

Granted, one has done some good things for women and children. The other has denigrated women and, by default, is toxic for children.  Yet I cannot have personal integrity and vote for either evil. 

I have heard, and taken time to read, bad things about my preferred candidate. I am aware he is also not perfect. I would not say his faults are in the same league of corruption as the Democrat or Republican candidates, though.  And I have to say it was impressive to hear him share what he took away from Sunday school. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This candidate does not claim religious superiority, yet his public treatment of others is generally superior to his opponents. If everyone took that lesson away from Sunday School or this election, America would be a better place already. 

I do not believe it is right to tell others for whom to vote. I do believe the state of American evangelicalism has been revealed in no uncertain terms this year.  I am far more grieved at the hardness of heart towards the oppressed and the love of celebrity among believers in the States than about for whom they will choose to vote. That’s just a symptom of where they are at and what matters to them and how easily led they are. 

They care more about someone being pro-life in affiliation than in behavior and attitude. 

There are no pro-life candidates on the ballot in all fifty states this year.  I can’t vote on just one issue, and I don’t believe I have a Christian duty to participate in this election anyway. I do this as a good citizen and with all my heart as unto the Lord. 

There’s been a lot of bullying from all sides to accept this or that candidate. I will only do what I believe in before God, just as I choose to live the rest of my life. For me, this year, that means voting Gary Johnson.


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3 thoughts on “Election 2016: Why I plan to vote Gary Johnson 2016 #LiveFree (Guest Post by Melody Young)”

  1. Hey-thanks much for sharing this! I’m logged off until after the election, but I checked Twitter news from my phone and saw you posted it. Just wanted also to correct minor detail: my book is Fragments and Faith: An Adult Third Culture Kid Experience in Evangelicalism. At least I think that’s the correct title. It’s a bit long. 😉

    For anyone who would like to check it out, it is available on Amazon Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/Fragments-Faith-Culture-Experience-Evangelicalism-ebook/dp/B01EZ7Y35Q

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