First Date At Age 28

“We’re here!”, Harry shouted.

Elise slammed on the brakes. “Is it true that,  at 28, you’ve never dated?”, Harry asked.

Elise replied, “I was taught dating was preparation for divorce, giving a piece of your heart away. Also they’d say my outfit causes guys to sin.”

Harry glanced at Elise: a sleeveless top, shorts, and black flats. Before he could reply a robbery broke out. Enraged, Elise shoved the robber and proceeded to jump on him, shouting, “You won’t ruin my first date!” Harry pulled her off, showed the robber his badge, and said, “Police! You are under arrest.”


This is a story for Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and the photo is provided by Ted Strutz . This story is also inspired by the project Life After I Kissed Dating Goodbye and the stories people share on their site, which also includes my own.1470367510224


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