Vita Nuova(for Friday Fictioneers)

Lukas looked at the sunrise as he disembarked the plane in Milan, feeling inspiration. He stuck a rose in his shirt pocket and upon entering the building, saw a woman wearing black ankle boots and a black dress with a rose sticking out. “Ciao Antonia, come stai?” he greeted her as he grabbed his luggage.
Bene, grazie!” she replied.
At the main road, Lukas said “I’m glad to be out of that toxic environment; and, like the sunrise, start a new chapter.”
Antonia replied, “Allora, andiamo!”, then shifted gears, lifted her foot of the clutch, and floored the gas pedal.


This is a story for Friday Fictioneers, started by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields ; photo provided by Rich Voza .


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Christian, freethinker, believer, skeptic, seeker.

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